Si Del Sa

SiDelSa was founded as a mainly grinding facility, which inspired the name SiDelSa from the Turkish words for grinding types “cylindrical – hole – surface” (Silindirik – Delik – Satıh). By continuing its growth in response to increasing needs and demands in the machinery and spare parts sector, today SiDelSa provides a wide spectrum of services ranging from full system design to grinding of precise parts, to manufacturing predesigned systems as a whole and precise measuring. For some examples of provided services click here.


Closely following the advances in the technology and the newest techniques in its field, SiDelSa continues to invest in its machine inventory. Currently, it has CNC lathe, CNC milling, CNC grinding, wire cutting, 3D CMM, lathe, milling, and cylindrical-hole-surface grinding machines. A detailed list of the machine inventory can be viewed here.


Address: NOSAB Meşe Caddesi No: 18 Nilüfer / BURSA
Telephone: +90 224 411 12 40 ( PBX )
Fax: +90 224 411 12 46
E-Mail: info@sidelsa.com